Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Koala to Liffey Sound*

Advice for Spiderman who, in the above shot, is contemplating where he should and shouldn't bring his Koala Bear. (photo is missing because I'm too lazy to paste it over from the other blog)

A poem which attempts to dissuade you from bringing your Koala to Liffey Sound*


Don't bring your koala to Liffey Sound

There's little eucalyptus enough to be found

without him eating through it, he'd be browned

off with the community station


He'd be so unfit, your dodgy marsupial

he'd want to go pirate, just like a troupial**

Oh twould be very painful, even worse than rupial***

Listen there's no invitation


For teddy bears disguised with pouches

They're far better off hanging out on couches

He'd nibble the microphone, cause so much ouches

Don't let him enact desperation


Koala BEARS are far too clingy

for broadcasting, wouldn't be very singy

Tell him go way on a boat, a ship or a dingy

but no Liffey Sound for your Koala today


*Liffey Sound is a local radio station in Lucan for anyone who hasn't heard of it - hot debate on the classification of koala bears can be found here. http://sundayscrapbook.blogspot.com - in Triona Walsh's show

**Troupial is a bird that specialises in pirating nests - ie pushing out other birds

*** Rupial is a skin disease occuring specially in tertiary syphilis

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  1. hee hee hee, these are better than Shel Silverstien, and unique to you!