Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Leveret to Haagen Daz

Well, you know me of a wednesday, I just can't seem to let one go by without adding to the mischievious pile of poems that continue to try to dissuade you from bringing increasingly obscure types of animals and plants to sometimes non existant places of business. Bearing this in mind, at the behest of Dublin Dave, I give you

A poem which attempts to dissuade you from bringing your Leveret to Haagen Daz

Don't bring your Leveret to Haagen Daz
He's better off outside chewing on grass
Just ignore his squeals, I know it sounds crass
but this time it can't be avoided

A Leveret wouldn't understand the decorum
he's impatient in ordering, it's just not the forum
for him, listen up, you don't need a quorum
on this one, you'd be soon unemployed, it

might seem extreme, but you know his long ear
would get lost in pistachio, and his fluffy rear
could be whipped for vanilla, no don't let him near
Say that you'd be completely annoyed, it

might seem unfair, he might cry for strawberry
squeal for a sorbet, demand something dairy
but when he asks if you're sure he can't go, tell him "Very"
No Haagen Daz for your Leveret today

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