Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Púca to Poulaphouca

This week's poem of dissuasion is another unusual one in that it does not relate to an animal or a place of business, yet when Total Feckin Eejit puts in a special request you can assume there's a very good reason for it, so here it is:

A poem which attempts to dissuade you from bringing your Púca to Poulaphouca
Don't bring your Púca to Poulaphouca
Twould be dangerouser than sittin atop a bazooka
you're no prize fighter, or spirit palooka
so please do not take that venture
for your little púca's no reservoir rat
though he's a shape shifter no doubt of that
if you went to go camping, he'd make off with your mat
if you climbed cliffs he'd cut the rudenture
the mischievious thing would pretend to drown
king, princess or queen, no matter the crown
he'd advise you all things, and yet act the clown
oh, he'd certainly raise your calenture
for mythish named villages are no place for ghosties
he's better stay home, better make the mostie
of life on his own, maybe eat a cheese toastie
but no Poulaphouca for your Púca today

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