Monday, January 10, 2011

Owl to the Cinema

So I missed the bus again this week, can't keep on top of things at all amidst all the festivities, here's my weekly offering of sage wisdom at least, to try and help ye on ye're way...

A Poem which attempts to dissuade you from bringing your Owl to the Cinema
Don't bring your owl to the cinema house
Inclusion is something I'd mostly espouse
But he'd spend all the time combing dark for a mouse
Feeling round with his mean filoplumes
He'd spill all the popcorn on floors made of dralon
and mess up your hair so you'd soon need a salon
all in his effort to spruce up his left talon
Oh he'd only disrupt all the rooms
He'd find Harry Potter far too disconcerting
As Snowy old Hedwig is always exerting
such charisma, your owl'd soon be asserting
"That's movies, all airbrushed!" - what glooms!
So better avoid it, you and your little hooter
Prove to him for once that you're no cold up-rooter
and you won't see the flicks, you're no nacho looter
No cinema for your Owl today

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