Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ant to Carphone Warehouse

Another in the ever popular weekly series of silly poems attempting to dissuade you from bringing various animals to various places of commerce. We also accept commissions.

A poem which attempts to dissuade you from bringing your Ant to Carphone Warehouse

Don't bring your Ant to Carphone Warehouse
He'd be sure to think you're quite the rare louse
If you brought him to such a bare house
He'd never forgive you, no way

There's no picnics to pilfer for your little critter
no crumbs between phones, he'd mistake all the glitter
and would be awful upset when it turns out to be bitter
to taste, oh, he'd be so dismayed

They're a social animal this 6 legged arthropod,
But make no mistake, a wink's good as a nod
Don't need electronics to talk to their squad
Phone shops are no place for Formicidae

So be sure to leave your ant at home
And I don't mean the one married to Uncle Eoin
Their antennae are safer away from the phones
No carphone warehouse for your ant today

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